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Press release From the House of Folklore - The House of Diversity – Sana'a

Why Must Hamammah Become a Muslim Or Ahmed Become a Jew?

The House of Folklore Celebrates Tolerance Day Tolerance Symposium Concludes with Forming a 'Covenant' for Co-existence

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Welcome to the House of Folklore


House of Folklore is a cultural, research, non-profit and non-governmental organization works on collecting and documenting the Yemeni Folklore and the heritage of Yemen. House of Folklore conducts analysis and researches on the Yemeni Folklore.
It was founded on 11 April 2004 under the permission of the Ministry of Culture No. (23). The permission was renewed on 28/02/2006 under No. (156) by the Ministry of Social Affairs.


The House of Folklore (HoF) in Sana'a closed down its doors as of Thursday, May 6th, 2010 so it does not collapse on the heads of workers and visitors and loved ones and on its belongings. After more than six years on the journey of suffering, the adventure of achievement and the try to display and highlight the heritage of diversity and pluralism in Yemen, the collapsing building could no longer withstand a wave of heavy rains which were strong on the house and have taken their toll on the exhibits of antiques, fashion, photographs, books as well as the electricity wires whose situation has become very critical.


Second Issue of Thakera Magaine Has Been Released

In the second issue of Thakerah magazine , Aden will be the one hosted for the special section «Makan».

1-Inscriptions over Shamsan Mountain During the period from 8-9, September 2007, Aden Folklore Event was held – a space for love, tolerance, and coexistence.

The event was concluding with two important issues: The album of Aden , with some photographs from Aden in the twentieth century ,and another book which included the papers that were viewed and discussed during the event in Aden .

The papers discussed many of Aden particularities such as Aden’s heritage and traditions ,public heritage ,”Leioah ,Tanbarah ,Adeni food, children playing in Aden ,proverbs ,and also Aden’s name and significance.

This is but a humble voluntary activity I dedicate to the tortured, stolen childhood in our world, and, particularly, in our home: Yemen.


The Symposium 'Tolerance as Defined by the Different Other' was held by the House of Folklore for two days, 16 and 17 November, in the Yemeni Centre for Studies and Research. It was commenced by Professor Abdulaziz Al-Maqalih who also participated in it, and concluded with a number of recommendations and findings by the participants to enhance the values of tolerance and co-existence in the Yemeni society.


الموقع العربي